“Needs More Sharks”

We are not just owners, but enthusiasts too!

Many years ago Kelly took a trip to visit family in Alabama USA. It was unseasonably wet and many of her plans were rained off. Her uncle suggested we try this “new thing called an escape room”. With no idea what to expect Kelly, accompanied by her Auntie, Uncle and three cousins visited Breakout Alabama…. The rest they say is history! 


On returning to the UK Kelly was keen to introduce her family and friends to Escape Rooms and we looked up the closest one to us, at the time this was Room Lockdown in Hornchurch and off we went. From this day on Rich was also hooked and with his specialist skill set it may be fair to say that he was more interested in the build and the mechanics behind the technology involved in creating escape rooms rather than the puzzles and Rich quickly floated the ambition of one day building his own. 


Many, many more games followed and our regular team was forming. Of course we played with our family and friends who enjoyed themselves but not clearly as much as Kelly, Rich and Gem who would continue to play as a three whenever and wherever possible. 


In November 2019 Kelly and Rich decided to take the plunge and rented a former gym in an industrial unit and they set about designing and creating their very own escape rooms. Little did they know that a global pandemic was just around the corner which threw a rather large spanner in the works both in terms of building our rooms and also playing ourselves. 


The global pandemic and numerous lockdowns made playing in person rooms impossible for a while so attentions switched to online games before finally getting back out to play again when the restrictions were eased. 


Kelly and Rich have now each played over 100 rooms with Gemma not far behind. We have played local rooms, some a few hours drive away and have recently returned from a ‘binge’ few days away in Nottingham. We have played many great games and some absolutely fantastic games and we are often asked which game is our favourite, so here it is….

How many have we played and which is our favourite?



PLAYED – 131

FAVOURITE – Daylight Robbery, Cryptology Nottingham 


PLAYED – 117

FAVOURITE – Robin of Lockskey, Escapologic Nottingham




FAVOURITE – Robin of Lockskey, Escapologic, Nottingham 

Our Team Photos

Here are just some of our photos we have collected over the years. Look closely… you may recognise some of the rooms we have played! 

We are always happy to recommend games that we have played and enjoyed and likewise are always looking for recommendations  of must play games from you too! 

Murder on the Dance Floor - Cluetopia, Ipswich
The Witch's Lair - Prestige Escape Rooms, Lowestoft
Saving Wonderland - Prestige Escape Rooms, Lowestoft
The Z Files - Prestige Escape Rooms, Lowestoft
Amnesia - Prestige Escape Rooms, Lowestoft
Jungle Escape - Prestige Escape Rooms, Lowestoft
The Cursed Ninja - Who Dini, South Woodham Ferrers
Chaos at Calamity Mine - Cluetopia , Clacton
Sausage Surprise - Witham Escape Rooms
Escape the Wild West - Escape Hunt, Lakeside
Alice in Puzzleland - Escape Hunt, Lakeside
Blackbeard's Treasure - Escape Hunt, Lakeside
Journey to Atlantis- Escape Hunt, Lakeside
Howitz - Escapologic, Nottingham (39:48)
Contraption - Escapologic, Nottingham (34:32)
Escape from Alcatraz - Houdini's, Nottingham
Robin of Lockskey - Escapologic, Nottingham (29:23)
E.P.I Centre - Escapologic, Nottingham (48:41)
The Future Room - The Evidence Room, Bury St Edmunds
Air Raid - Suffolk Escape Room, Saxmundham
Monuments - Cave Escape - Nottingham
Carfax - Cave Escape, Nottingham
R.M.S. Titanic - Houdini's, Nottingham
Poppa Plock's Wonky Workshop - Houdini's, Nottingham
Curio - Escapologic, Nottingham (46:56)
Needlenose, The Copycat Killer - Mythologic Escape Rooms, Gillingham
The Christmas Caper- Mythologic Escape Rooms, Gillingham
Mr Todds - Mythologic Escape Rooms, Gillingham
CSI : Times Up - Mythologic Escape Rooms, Gillingham
Wanted Dead or Alive - Room Lockdown, Hornchurch
Superbugs - Suffolk Escape Room, Saxmundham
Dodge City - Tulleys Escape Rooms, Crawley
The Outfitters - Tulleys Escape Rooms, Crawley
Daylight Robbery - Cryptology, Nottingham (54:33 £1,673,198.47)
Cypherdene v1.5 - Cryptology, Nottingham (46:27)
Rameseize - Cryptology, Nottingham (50:31 3 Relics)
Dreamscape - Cryptology, Nottingham (49:18 17 dream keys)
The Conspiracist - Want to Escape, Rushden
Psycopath's Den and Hangover Deja Brew - AIM Escape, London
The Adventure Begins - Escape Plan, London
Nethercott Manor - Tulleys Escape Rooms, Crawley
Spellcraft - Tulleys Escape Rooms, Crawley
Mutiny - Tulleys Escape Rooms, Crawley
Keep Escaping - Hedingham Castle, Essex
The Diva - Who Dini, South Woodham Ferrers
The Crazy Chef - Who Dini, South Woodham Ferrers
Teacher's Revenge - Want to Escape, Rushden
The Guardian of the Gallery - Want to Escape, Rushden
Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop - Want to Escape, Rushden
Fearstival - Room Lockdown, Romford
Captured B - Breakout, Manchester
White Witch - Escape, Basildon
Broken - Pier Pressure, Brighton
Pavillion Perplex - Pier Pressure, Brighton
Raver Quest - Pier Pressure, Brighton
Modrophenia - Pier Pressure, Brighton
Dr Duplicate's Evil Lab - Cluetopia, Harwich
Casino Heist - Escape, Ipswich
The Posessed Doll - Room Lockdown, Hornchurch
The Grand Portobello Hotel Heist - Cluetopia, Walton
The Next Great Detective - Suffolk Escape Academy, Barrow
Captured - Room Lockdown, Romford
The Job Interview - Room Lockdown, Romford
Cinescream - Room Lockdown, Romford
Danger on the Dancefloor - Exciting Escapes, Portsmouth
Bunker 38 - Clue HQ, Brentwood
Sacrifice- Clue HQ, Brentwood
The Dungeon of Doom - Clue HQ, Brentwood
Panic Room, Conspiracy Detective Misson - The Panic Room, Harlow
Carnevil - The Panic Room, Harlow
The Search for the Holy Grail - Ipswich Escape Rooms, Ipswich
Haunted Mines of Crisson - Room Lockdown, Hornchurch
Loot the Lanes- Pier Pressure, Brighton
Prisoner X - Cluetopia, Harwich
Boudicca's Uprising & Eight Years Later - Escape, Colchester
Millenium Meltdown - Exciting Escapes, Portsmouth
Pathogen - Doomsday, Colchester
Rob the Bank - Maldon Escape Rooms, Maldon
Deep Trouble - Maldon Escape Rooms, Maldon
Sword in the Throne & Star Quest - Escape Live, Chelmsford
The Illusionist - Escape, Basildon
- Ipswich Escape Rooms, Ipswich
Solitary Confinement - Room Lockdown, Hornchurch
The Cabin - Room Escape, Southend
Contagion - Escape, Ipswich
Taken - Escape, Ipswich
The Davinci Room - Escape, Ipswich
Sub Zero - Escape, Ipswich
The Church - Escape Rooms Suffolk, Mildenhall
The Cage- Maldon Escape Rooms, Maldon
Dark Deeds & Groceries and Murder at the Movies - Exciting Escapes, Portsmouth
Prison Break Solitary Confinement - Room Lockdown, Hornchurch
Strange Things : The Elevator- Room Lockdown, Hornchurch
Pirates - Room Lockdown, Hornchurch
The Bomb - Cambridge Escape Rooms, Cambridge
Pirates of Polaris - The Escapement, Margate
Egyptian Exodus - The Escapement, Margate
The Pit- The Escapement, Margate
The Kidnapping - Breakout Mobile, Alabama USA
The Dollhouse- Escape Rooms Suffolk, Mildenhall
The Crazy Cat Lady - Bishops Stortford Escape Rooms, Bishops Stortford
Eerie Motel California - Bishops Stortford Escape Rooms, Bishops Stortford
Magic & Mystery - Cluetopia, Clacton
Runaway Rudolph- Cluetopia, Clacton
Unhappily Ever After - Cluetopia, Walton
Heaven & Hell - Cambridge Escape Rooms, Cambridge
The Governor - Chelmsford Escape Rooms, Chelmsford
The Damned - Cluetopia, Clacton
Race Against Time - - Cluetopia, Clacton
The Voices We Hear - Exciting Escapes, Portsmouth
Escape The Seven Seas, Magic & Mystery & 221B Baker Street - Escape, Colchester
Escape the Jungle - Escape Live, Chelmsford
Roots of Evil- Room Lockdown, Romford
The Locked Inn- Escape, Ipswich
The Vault - Escape Rooms Suffolk, Mildenhall
Death Row - Escape Rooms Suffolk, Mildenhall
The Gedding Room - The Evidence Room, Bury St Edmunds
The Aztec Room - The Evidence Room, Bury St Edmunds

Our 'Milestone' Photos

Kel's room 100

Guardian of the Gallery

Want to Escape


Rich's room 100





Gem's room 100


Why "Needs more Sharks"?

For a long time we played under the name EO Escape Rooms and we decided that it was time to be different and sometimes it is nice to go and play a game as an enthusiast and not an owner. After all just because we own an escape room doesn’t mean we are actually any good at playing them! 

After several suggestions we couldn’t agree until Rich mentioned a common suggestion he left on feedback forms at the end of his holidays when asked “what would improve your holiday?” The answer was always the same. It didn’t matter if Rich was on his honeymoon in the Maldives, skiing in Lapland or a city break in Europe his suggestion would always be the same, “needs more sharks”! And so we decided to go with it!