Operation X

In September 2022 we closed one of our original games, Operation X. 

Operation X was a tricky game where players were divided into two teams at the start of the game and relied solely on communication to progress through the room. The objective was to ‘break’ into Poker Alice’s house and steal a diamond that she lost in a game of poker. It wasn’t your average diamond heist game and we used a mix of logical puzzles, interactive puzzles and technology. 

Even after closure Operation X received a nomination for an Escape the Roomers Players Choice Award for 2022. 


The Final Leaderboard

Hundreds of teams joined us to play Operation X during September 2020 and September 2022. These are the top five teams with their completion time. As all teams unlocked the 10 minute bonus time token these times are based on a finish time of time remaining from 70 minutes.

1st - Toby's Headache - 35.22

2nd - Salty Jesters - 34.26

3rd - Impulsive - 32.38

4th - Hemnes - 30.28

5th - So Solid Crew - 28.30

The Build

Building a room isn’t easy, far from it and we can now share some of the transformation photos of the space that became Operation X with you. 



The Finished Game